Bi-Fold doors

Open up your home and bring the outside in!

Perfect for Summer!

Fitted Bi-folding doors

A set of bi-folding doors can transform a claustrophobic home into a relaxing stylish and modern open plan living areas, providing stunning panoramic views all year round. Even when closed, the doors are complimented with striking glass façade. The frames are made from aluminium to give strength and durability, ensuring a structurally sound product that will require minimal maintenance why also keeping it pleasing to the eye.

Our Bi-fold doors also come with different Threshold options to suit each person’s needs, for example, the low threshold is designed with wheelchair users in mind. Ask a member of our team for the different threshold options.

Bi-folding door options
  • Doors up to 6.5m wide

  • Height up to 2.5m wide

  • Each sash up to 1.2m wide

  • Thermally Efficient

  • Complies with building regulations

  • Available in a range of colours and styles

  • Various threshold options

  • Doors can open in or out

Bi-folding door options

Highly resistant to corrosion and a scratch-resistant finish; these bi-fold doors are made with Polyamide thermal barrier technology helping keep your home warm in the winter months, reducing energy bills, as well as your carbon footprint! (Which is always a good thing!)